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The best place for Indonesia furniture manufacture

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Indonesia furniture, Furniture projects, Furniture for hotel, Indonesia modern furniture, Indonesian furniture
Jepara, Bali and Lombok are become most famous in Indonesian wood carving and furnishing business. If you want to know more complete details regarding Indonesia outdoor Furniture Online Store including manufacturers, supplier and exporter, then you can direct gather information from the association which handling called Asmindo (Indonesia Furniture Industry and Handicraft Association).

You can find many options from antique and classic collections up to modern contemporary design. This product already available for export consumption, to many countries and continents, such Indonesia, Asia, Europe, USA, Australia and even to South Africa.

Indonesia Furniture has become one of the most wanted items in wholesale and retail business. There are many re-seller, warehouse and gallery importing directly from manufacturers, suppliers and exporters. You can order many items available in custom made or by requisitions. If you go to Klaten, then one of the most popular items is teak garden furniture and teak indoor furniture. High quality teak furniture that can define into reality, to implement the ideas become dimensions. Jepara is the most well known Java Furniture maker which has become the leader for furnishing and wood carving. When you order from Piguno furniture, then the shipping or the vessel is FOB or CIF Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia.

Wholesale Indonesia furniture exporter

Indonesia furniture company offers all kinds of Indonesia furniture, teak garden furniture, indoor teak furniture, rattan furniture, indoor mahogany furniture, Indonesia reclaimed teak furniture for retail, wholesale & furniture for hotel projects.

Piguno has covered some products range Indonesia teak furniture, Indonesia wooden mahogany furniture, Indonesia outdoor garden furniture, indoor teak furniture, contemporary modern furniture, reclaimed teak furniture Wholesale Asia, Indonesia kids furniture, teak root furniture, teak branch furniture, Indonesia rattan furniture, rattan synthetic furniture, Also Alloy casting furniture, solid teak furniture, stainless steel furniture, Asia Classic furniture wholesale, Indonesia colonial furniture manufacturer.. The idea is to be one-stop shop by offer multitude furniture product range to our clients moreover to create the opportunity for the company to sell more products.

Indonesia wooden furniture factory

Indonesia furniture wholesale | Asia wooden furniture company

Many kinds of wood items produced here and use as resources and material, such as teak wood, mahogany, rattan, wicker, rosewood etc ... Indonesia Teak Furniture (usually called "kayu jati") has become the first choice because its natural look quality. For buyer prospect, they can also come and visit the routine event arrange by event organizer, usually held in Jakarta, Indonesia, the mother town, which still located in Java Island. There are many Indonesia Furniture Exhibition, fair and expo for international market destination. Indonesia International Furniture Expo held because the production already focused on international market due to the quality already well known world wide.

Indonesia rattan, Indonesia natural rattan, Indonesia rattan manufacture, Indonesia rattan factory

Don't hesitate to contact us  when you visit Indonesia .....
PIGUNO - Indonesia furniture factory
Jl. Solo Yogya KM.26 Penggung, Ceper, Klaten 57465, Central Java, Indonesia,
+62  272 555 888

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      Indonesia furniture, Wholesale Indonesia furniture

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      Indoor teak Furniture, Indonesia furniture wholesale, Indonesia furniture & Solid teak furniture Indonesia

      Also Alloy casting furniture, solid teak furniture, stainless steel furniture, Asia Classic furniture wholesale, Indonesia colonial furniture manufacturer

      The idea is to be one-stop shop by offer multitude furniture product range to our clients moreover to create the opportunity for the company to sell more products direct from Indonesia furniture manufacturers located in Klaten, Central Java – Indonesia. We were established in Klaten, the city between Solo (Surakarta) and Yogyakarta.
 as Indonesia furniture online is your Indonesian furniture manufacture partner.

      Piguno Indonesia

      Jl. Solo Jogja KM 26, Penggung, Ceper, Klaten, Jawa Tengah 57465 Indonesia

      Email :, Phone : +62 272 555 888, +62 272 555 777

      Indonesia furniture, Indonesia garden furniture, Furniture supplier for hotel projects, Indonesia outdoor furniture, Indonesia teak furniture, Wholesale Indonesia furniture, Indonesia teak wood furniture, Indonesia teak garden furniture, Garden furniture factory Indonesia, Indonesia mahogany furniture, Furniture for hotel and restaurants projects, Indonesia wooden furniture

      We are a leading Indonesian furniture Export company and manufacturer of rattan furniture and other natural fiber materials such rattan, water hyacinth, seagrass, banana leaf, abaca and croco. We are very experienced in exporting quality furniture to around the globe since 1993. We have furnished hotels, villa or house project for wholesaler, retailer or interior designer from Asia, America, Europe and also Africa.

      Our furniture are made from Natural fibers and Rattan which can grow fast and easily in Indonesia Rain Forest. Thus it doesn't effect to GLOBAL WARMING like deforestation do. Moreover, our treatment are based from water base system which is eco-friendly to your family and save our enviroment. Don't hesitate to contact us for your inquiry of our eco-friendly furniture which can be made of rattan, waterhyacinth, seagrass, banana leaf or abaca.

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      Piguno batik & Craft melayani segala busana batik wanita, batik pria dan batik anak. Tesedia dari ukural S (small) sampai XL (Extra Large) dan tersedia pula ukuran mama size (Extra Larger / XXL / XXXL).

      Model pakaian batik dari batik klasik, batik kontemporer / batik modern sampai batik kekinian, termasuk batik kombinasi). Di rumah batik Solo ini melayani pesanan dari seluruh kota di Indonesia dari sabang sampai Merauke. Dan tersedia pula pengiriman batik export ke luar negeri, hubungi marketing batik kami di Whatsapp / mobile +6282135603702.

      Selamat berbelanja di rumah batik Indonesia.

      Solo Konveksi / Batik Shop / Solo Garment

      Piguno Batik melayani jasa konveksi busana batik dari baju batik, seragam batik dan busana batik lainnya. Jadi tidak pelu bingung lagi menjahitkan baju batik anda di tempat lain.

      Bila anda membutuhkah seragam batik untuk grup, yayasan, perusahaan dengan jumlah yang banyak, Piguno konveksi batik siap melayani kebutuhan busana anda sampai menjadi busana batik siap pakai / ready to wear.

      Piguno Batik sebagai Solo garment adalah mitra konveksi anda untuk seluruh Nusantara dan luar negeri {Exporter)

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