Mix Match Furniture

Mix Match Furniture

Piguno operates on the belief that beautiful furniture as a part of our homes has to be of the utmost quality and functionality. Our furniture fits into any apartments or house lodging with the finest fitting design at the same time providing solutions to complement your time at home.

Along with our expertise and numerous years of experiences in the local furniture trait, we are able to provide custom scale ratios with professional measurements advice. we assure that every set of furniture fits seamlessly to your needs. Sleek or elegant, luxurious or classy, simple or clean cut, we have it

Piguno furniture is famous for its Human-eccentric designs and utmost quality materials.Every piece specially designed to suit your needs.

If you want to mix match furniture for your private residence, hotel projects, villas, apartment, please contact Piguno - Indonesia furniture

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Rattan Kids Furniture from Indonesia

Rattan Kids Furniture from Indonesia

Well, in fact, you will have the freedom to use the Natural Rattan For Kids in indoor and outdoor uses because the characteristics of the wooden material allow you to do so. They are durable, practical, sturdy, and also lightweight.

Indonesia Rattan furniture for kidsRattan Kids Furniture from Indonesia
When it comes to the durable and sturdy furniture for your kids, you can’t go wrong with Natural Rattan For Kids. The Natural Rattan For Kids is one of the most popular outdoor types of furniture, although in many cases people also use them for indoor uses.

Indonesia rattan furniture | Rattan kids furniture | Natural rattan furniture

Not to mention that it has wowed many people because it is comfortable and attractive. There is no reason to reject the aesthetic values of the natural rattan furniture. The Natural Rattan For Kids pieces are also versatile. These come in a variety of sizes, designs, colors, as well as shapes.
The other good thing to rely on the Natural Rattan For Kids is the fact that you can customize the rattan furniture design into anything that your kids and you will like. Piguno.com as the rattan furniture manufacturer comes with the flexibility to fit with any design.

Speaking of the rattan material, it is quite similar to bamboo in which differences in the type of the stem. The rattan grows in Asia, Australia, and Africa. The stems are stronger because they are solid. In many cases, rattan is more used than bamboo because of its solidity. That is the reason why rattan is a great choice for both indoor and outdoor furniture. The rattan furniture pieces can withstand the outside forces.

The next perk of rattan is its natural color preservation. Naturally, rattan can preserve its color. Not to mention that you can choose the colors or paint the rattan furniture to match the design and decoration of your room.

The other perk of Natural Rattan For Kids is that you can easily maintain the rattan furniture by using regular treatment solution. You can simply dust the surface of the furniture with the cotton or cloth and wash it with mild detergent. Not to mention that you can do this once per year.
The Natural Rattan For Kids from Piguno.com is the top choice which can be used for home and garden. It is also available for your modern or traditional house. You won’t be disappointed with the versatility of the rattan furniture at all.

For outdoor uses, you can rely on its natural strength. It is tough and sturdy even when you leave the furniture piece outside in winter. Because of this unique characteristic, many have chosen rattan furniture for your house, office, hotels, and other properties.

If you are looking for something stronger for your outdoors, the Natural Rattan For Kids is the best answer.Unlike the adult furniture pieces, the kid’s furniture pieces choices can be challenging because you must consider all your options before making the final decision. If you want to maximize the functions and aesthetics of the outdoor area, the right kind of furniture is a must.

The natural rattan furniture is mainly made of wicker or rattan fiber. Without a doubt, the Natural Rattan For Kids is durable and cost-effective. Purchasing Piguno furniture from Piguno.com is indeed a great investment for you. The manufacturer only uses the natural rattan as the main ingredients of the natural furniture, including the Natural Rattan For Kids.
Although it is best suited for the outdoors, you can also use the rattan kids furniture for your indoor house. Most of the Natural Rattan For Kids in Piguno can be used for enhancing your patio, gardens, as well as balconies. The natural appearance of the rattan is also the reason why it feels right to be put outside.
We also mentioned that rattan furniture is lightweight. That means you can move around the Natural Rattan For Kids from and to anywhere you want in your house. You can arrange this with your rooms, regardless the themes. To get the appealing pieces, select Piguno as your main supplier.
Indonesia rattan Leia Doll Bed
Rattan furniture is a great idea for adding the reliable pieces in the areas which are roughly used, like children playground. If you have active kids at home, you do not have to hold them back around your Natural Rattan For Kids pieces. Regardless the lightweightness, the rattan pieces can withstand the heavy and rough uses from your kids. Not to mention that rattan furniture won’t damage your house floor, so you can rest assured adding it to your living room or terrace.

The Natural Rattan For Kids is also a great option for those who have such busy and hectic schedule so that complex treatment is impossible. The good fact that you need to consider is that the rattan furniture requires low maintenance.
Unlike the other wooden materials which demand complex treatments including oil application and preservative solutions, rattan furniture pieces will last for long period time without the mentioned maintenance.
You can just dust the pieces with the brush and they will look better again. When the dirt attack, you can just wipe the surface with the mix of lukewarm water and mild detergent.
Nowadays, you will come across so many pieces of rattan furniture from Piguno websites. We claim to be the best manufacturer of the best variety, as well as customization.

Since the fancy furniture pieces are hefty in prices, rattan furniture can come as the best alternative for budget conscious. You can also purchase wholesale Natural Rattan For Kids for the households, hospital, offices, and other commercial buildings as well.
Speaking of variety, you can find everything that you need to arrange your house’s furniture. To furnish your house, you can take your time to browse Piguno gallery at Natural Rattan.com. Rattan furniture serves both function and form.
The Piguno Natural Rattan For Kids come with amazing collections including tables, chairs, beds, etc. These are affordable and long-lasting well.
Rattan furniture has such exotic nature which can be used in homes or other properties with the Asian or tropical theme. But it does not limit the possibility that you can use it for modern them. You can also use it for the hospitality industry and outdoors necessity. The Natural Rattan For Kids from Piguno.com is indeed a great investment for you.

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Indonesia rattan Doll Pram Jess PerspektifPiguno – Indonesia Furniture show many update products and items that can be choose. Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture gives unique expression for home and garden furnishing, whether indoor and outdoor. Solid and hardwood option is supported by legal plantation original from Legal authorization Perhutani, Indonesian Government. Indonesia Furniture Market shop by reputation manufacturers, with online option will be more update in export industry.

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Benefits of Using Teak Wood For Furniture from Wongso

Having furniture is a long-term investment that we should consider. To get long-lasting furniture for our house, of course, determining the materials of the furniture is really matters.

Benefits of Using Teak Wood For Furniture

Teak wood furniture Indonesia
Teak or in Latin words called “Tectona Grandis”, is most strong durable and hardest hardwoods. It natives usually comes from southeast Asia.
  1. Weather Resistant
    Due to its strength, furniture from teak has its benefits to give lifetime use for your house. Especially for outdoor, whenever it crush by hard weather, it still has a strength to withstand. The wood remains unchanged even when exposed to freezing cold or hot temperatures.
  2. Pest-Free
    Teak has high natural oil content that makes the furniture made from teak termite and pest resistant. The high content of oil and silica makes it resistant to mildew, dry rot, fungi and stains, which is a common problem in older teak wooden furniture. No need to worry if you put teak furniture for outdoor living spaces.
  3. Less Maintenance
    Teak is durable even when not treated with oil or varnish. Its characteristics make the wood no need to give more or extra treatments to make it long-last usability.

    Teak wood for indoor furniture | Indoor teak furniture benefits

  4. Great Colors, Still Beautiful as Well
    Furniture from teak wood has its beautiful grain and color. The textures also make this wood popular choices most people. At first, furniture from teak wood has a natural brown color with beautiful grain and texture, in case the color will change over time into light-grey, and it’s normal. Even though, it still gives an elegance for furniture in your house. But, we also can keep the brown color with wood sealer.

  5. Natural Resource of Indonesia
    PT. Perhutani is the vast majority of commercial governments that harvesting plantations of teak wood. They purposed to managed quality for export furniture in the country. This, of course, will benefit for the buyer to have high-quality furniture for their own or their business.

  6. Quality Teak Wood + Indonesia Craftsmen = Extraordinary Furniture
    Solo which is located in Central Java, Indonesia has well-known as the hearts of furniture maker from the worldwide market. The high-skilled craftsmen and the huge resources of teak wood will benefit you to purchase furniture from this city.
Bottom line, teak will benefits you more than other hardwoods for the value. Yes, it may more pricey than others. But keep in mind that it for lifetime use, and its beautiful will compelling our eyes, makes our house have more nature and elegance looks.

Thank you read our article about “Benefits of Using Teak Wood For Furniture
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Piguno furniture is a leading wholesale furniture manufacturer in Indonesia more than 25 years in manufacturing experiences and distributing high quality furniture products. We have highly committed to producing furniture products, also implementing high standard quality control. Our manufacturing facilities are located in Solo, Cirebon  and Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia for furniture made from teak wood and other solid teak wood in Solo & Cirebon, Central Java and for production of wooden and solid wood furniture in Solo and Jepara. While our focus is large scale hotel projects, also have flexibility to produce one piece, wholesale Indonesia furniture projects and customized design or accessories as required by our private clients.



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http://www.piguno.com as Indonesia furniture online is your Indonesian furniture manufacture partner.

Piguno Indonesia

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We are a leading Indonesian furniture Export company and manufacturer of rattan furniture and other natural fiber materials such rattan, water hyacinth, seagrass, banana leaf, abaca and croco. We are very experienced in exporting quality furniture to around the globe since 1993. We have furnished hotels, villa or house project for wholesaler, retailer or interior designer from Asia, America, Europe and also Africa.

Our furniture are made from Natural fibers and Rattan which can grow fast and easily in Indonesia Rain Forest. Thus it doesn't effect to GLOBAL WARMING like deforestation do. Moreover, our treatment are based from water base system which is eco-friendly to your family and save our enviroment. Don't hesitate to contact us for your inquiry of our eco-friendly furniture which can be made of rattan, waterhyacinth, seagrass, banana leaf or abaca.

Piguno Batik & Craft - http://www.piguno.co.id

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Piguno batik & Craft melayani segala busana batik wanita, batik pria dan batik anak. Tesedia dari ukural S (small) sampai XL (Extra Large) dan tersedia pula ukuran mama size (Extra Larger / XXL / XXXL).

Model pakaian batik dari batik klasik, batik kontemporer / batik modern sampai batik kekinian, termasuk batik kombinasi). Di rumah batik Solo ini melayani pesanan dari seluruh kota di Indonesia dari sabang sampai Merauke. Dan tersedia pula pengiriman batik export ke luar negeri, hubungi marketing batik kami di Whatsapp / mobile +6282135603702.

Selamat berbelanja di rumah batik Indonesia.

Solo Konveksi / Batik Shop / Solo Garment

Piguno Batik melayani jasa konveksi busana batik dari baju batik, seragam batik dan busana batik lainnya. Jadi tidak pelu bingung lagi menjahitkan baju batik anda di tempat lain.

Bila anda membutuhkah seragam batik untuk grup, yayasan, perusahaan dengan jumlah yang banyak, Piguno konveksi batik siap melayani kebutuhan busana anda sampai menjadi busana batik siap pakai / ready to wear.

Piguno Batik sebagai Solo garment adalah mitra konveksi anda untuk seluruh Nusantara dan luar negeri {Exporter)

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